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I am a nearly 20 year resident of Brooklyn Park. This is the city where my wife and I choose to live and raise our family, get involved, and be a part of our ethnically diverse community for years to come -- volunteering, serving and doing our share in the largest expanded demographically-mixed community in the region for the past 30 years.

Residing and volunteering in Brooklyn Park, together we have seen some challenges unfortunately, we have witnessed a snail's pace evolution in resolving those challenges, along with seeing inadequate growth and development in our economy. Brooklyn Park is the sixth-largest city in Minnesota and the fourth in the metro and with some of the city's baby steps and slow-moving changes, we haven’t kept pace with changing dynamics of our diverse community, by welcoming and inviting businesses to make their home here while reaching out to our diverse community for input. As our city evolves so should our ideas, critical thinking, choices, decisions, and actions.

I truly believe a thriving community inspiring pride where opportunities exist for all is imminent - when "we the people" simply believe, come together, and work together on our potential and possibilities together. We first have to begin to honestly, genuinely, and willingly include, welcome, and embrace the many faces of Brooklyn Park, that choose to live, learn, work, play, worship, raise their family, and/or do business.

I, however, remain deeply troubled and equally concern about the baby step approach in how we embrace our unique and ethnically diverse community, simply because of a person's skin color or socio-economic status. We are One! We the people, you and me, my family, your family as the many faces of Brooklyn Park provide unique added value to our city.

As the “Peoples Choice” for Central District City Council of Brooklyn Park. I believe it's time we rise above fear and begin to shape our community together. And create alliances, and build partnerships that advance our shared values. that unite us. Shaping and creating a community truly reflective of our established diverse values. We’re a unique multi-culturally riched community with an opportunity to thrive, instilling pride for all. We need to renew our efforts to be all that we can be.

This is our opportunity in Brooklyn Park’s history today, when we can unite and take a firm stand with a tried, tested, and proven leader who has a clear vision, who’s already proven to stand with and for the people. We the people have an opportunity to demonstrate that “We Are One Brooklyn Park Together” in leading, by example, and increasing our for inclusion in jobs, access, and opportunities, while educating others with our personal pledge of commitment and creating a blueprint for other municipalities to duplicate.





Brooklyn Park depending on where you live determines what Voting Precinct you will be assigned to VOTE!

The Voting Process allows you to get involved, participate, and exercise your patriotic right to VOTE!


• By Voting, you are getting involved in the process, allowing your voice to be heard with your VOTE! In helping to shape the future leaders and decision-makers that will readily affect and impact your community daily.

• Parents if your child turns 18, even on Election Day, they’re still eligible to VOTE with proper ID.


• If you’re going to be traveling and/or you are unable to make it to the polls, you can request an Absentee Voting Ballot from The Secretary of State's Office (651) 296- 2803 or the city of Brooklyn Park, City Clerk Devin Montero's Office at (763) 424-8000. Being an American Citizen you are ENTITLED to VOTE and are afforded the same freedoms and liberties, that everyone under the constitution of the United States guarantees for all people. 

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